Nova Filament manufactures polypropylene (continuous) multi filament yarn between 70 and 850 dtex. CF(continous filament) or known as FDY (fully drawn yarn) in market and POY (partially oriented yarn) also known as raw yarn are among our products. Depending on the yarn thickness and the desired features, the filament number can be 48, 64 (hollow), 72, 96, 144, 200, 244 or 288. Round, delta and trilobal filament sections are available for final use.

In the production of Nova Filament in the class of medium strength yarns, the strength value can be between 1.5 and 4.5 cN / dtex depending on the yarn features.

Polypropylene is dyed in computer controlled with melted form during production due to its chemical structure. we are able to manufacture yarn with more than 450 colours options according to the request of our customers.

Our yarns may be produced intermingled or more frequent intermingled according to the last using area and demands. Besides that we can bring in UV stabilization , antibacterial and flame retarding features.